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White Collection | ROUND Asymmetric Silver Earrings/ Ear Clips

White Collection | ROUND Asymmetric Silver Earrings/ Ear Clips

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白紙系列 | 純粹幾何 圓形不對稱純銀耳環/耳夾


YUPO 質感非常幼滑舒服卻十分堅韌。是日本取得專利的塑材,完全防水、防污、防撕開,而且是環保物料。

設計用上最簡單的圓形摺製成立體能轉動的球體,溶合極簡的白色,帶出別緻時尚美感,看似隨性卻隱含著低調的時髦,散發Effortless Chic的氣質。

設計師堅持親手處理每個步驟- 從世界各地搜羅優質紙張、剪裁、摺疊、編排以至修飾,每個工序都一絲不苟,不但顯示對工藝的熱誠和執着。

材質: YUPO;925銀針
尺寸: 闊18mm;長58mm

Our White Collection is designed for girls that wish to shine through pure White! A pure elegance that we represents at all times. 

The design brings out your unique fashion sense through clean geometric curves together with pure white colour, perfectly showing your effortless chic style.

Applying YUPO paper--- a Japanese patent paper. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely strong and durable. Its anti-tearing characteristic is compelling and unique alternative to traditional art papers.

From sourcing fine papers around the world, to cutting, folding, assembling and re-touching, our designer insists on finishing each product with her own hands. Each piece is folded delicately with a personal touch, forming a special pair of earrings each time.

Material: YUPO; 925 Silver
Size: 18(W) x 58(L) mm