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Blue Pearl White Gold 925 Bracelets

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靈感來源自法國輕熟女經典耐看的時尚,選用極幼細925銀鏈條帶出輕盈簡潔的設計,配襯Swarovski 粉藍珍珠相映出低調卻高貴的氣質。

材質: 施華洛世奇珍珠、925銀、包白金
長度: 15 cm + 2.5 cm (可調整)


Inspired by the French classic fashion, to bring out the elegance and femininity, our Little Pearl Bracelets are designed to match well with your everyday outfit, and become the most timeless accessory among your jewellery collection.

Materials: Swarovski Pearls, 925 Silver, White Gold plated

Chain Length: 15cm + 2.5 cm (Adjustable)

Handmade by the designer