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Double Lucky Star Earrings (Silver + Gold)

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- 2 款閃爍金屬色系,將所有光芒集於一身。
- 適合不同場合﹐搭配多樣衣著。

材質: 選自英國的金屬紙; 925銀針; 搪瓷
顏色: 銀+金
尺寸: ~12 x 9 mm


- Each tiny lucky star is delicately folded and coated with water-proof layers.
- 2 contrasting colours matched perfectly to become this special edition.
- Handmade by the designer wholeheartedly.
- May good luck be always with you :)

Materials: Paper from London, water-proof coating, 925 Silver
Size: ~12(W) x 9(H) mm
Colour: Silver + Gold
*You may wish to know:
All lucky stars are made with high quality and relatively thick paper. In addition to the water-proof layer, the jewellery is strong and will not be easy to deform.