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Half Moon Natural Pearl Silver Earrings

Half Moon Natural Pearl Silver Earrings

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哪管是一半,就已經是圓滿。 只要用心看,陰晴圓缺,都是完美的呈現。

優質天然淡水養殖珍珠約 9 mm,正圓、皮光亮、極微暇。

物料: 頂級天然淡水珍珠、純銀、銠金
顏色: 純白色
尺寸: 10mm

The half moon proclaims its fullness. Seeing only the half moon doesn’t mean it’s not full. The full moon is always there hanging in the sky, waiting to be illuminated.

We hope those who wear this jewellery be always optimistic and good things always happen around them. Half or full, it’s just the matter of choice.

The fact that the moon appears in half, it declares its fullness.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." – William Shakespheare

Materials: Freshwater pearl, 925 Silver, Rhodium plated
Earring size: Perfect round shape pearl 10mm

(Limited Edition)
*Premiun gift box and silver cloth is included