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Pink Sweet Alyssum Rose Gold Ring

Pink Sweet Alyssum Rose Gold Ring

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花語: 勇敢、優雅,內在美

為氣質時代女性而設的款式。香雪球花花語是"Worth Beyond Beauty",就是想讓每個女生都尋找自己的內在美。鼓勵撇開俗世對女性的外貌的評價與批判,做一個善良又勇敢的 "Strong Woman"。


物料: 粉紅色鋯石; 925銀; 玫瑰金

花花尺寸: 7 mm
戒指尺寸: Free Size (可調整)

Sweet Alyssum Flower language-- Worth Beyond Beauty, Inner Beauty

‘Beauty’ is something that is on the outer surface, let’s look within ourselves and discover our true values.

The meaning of Sweet Alyssum is bravery and elegance, same to all strong women in the world.The Pink Zircon stone chosen for this collection represents LOVE and KINDNESS, bringing a meaningful message to the gift. 

Materials: Pink Zircon Stones; 925 Silver; Rose Gold

Flower Size: ~ 7 mm

Ring Size: Free Size (Adjustable)