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Classic 14K Rose Gold Earrings

Classic 14K Rose Gold Earrings

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paper diamond® 推出的玫瑰金首飾系列﹐為每一位充滿內涵韻味的女士突顯出高貴的風格。由簡潔的摺紙技巧製造鑽石的形態﹐細緻的設計配上高貴的玫瑰金﹐為每日的不同場合作點綴。

Rose Gold Collection tailors for every classy lady to match with their stylish and sophisticated characters. Our precious “Diamond” jewellery is made of pure 925 silver and 14K rose gold plated, becoming a subtle yet meaningful gift for her.

Size: 9 x 9 mm
Material: 925 Silver; 14K rose gold

* Each piece in premium gift box